1:1 Online Training

Why Online Training

Firstly it's the reason no one likes to talk about... it's FAR more cost effective to have an online trainer. Why? well your not paying per season for one .. our programme costs as little as 1 face to face session a month!

Next we design our programmes around you and your life! can only fit in a 20 min session 3 times a week? not a problem! refuse to give up cake.. fine by us! 

Endless support, unlike face to face we will be with you every step of the way ensure accountability is at the for front and not just when you pop to see us in the gym

And there is tons more but we won't bore you.. but carry on reading to find out some of our success stories!

"I starting using Serene Fitness online after meeting one of the trainers, and I was scared to use a gym after a bad experience.


The online training has been amazing!

Having the support there along side being able to do the workouts in my own time and in my own space at home has been refreshing.

There was no pressure to be in a gym, no one shouting orders at me, doing it my style, my pace.

The results I have had have been out of this world.

I lost 7 1/2 stone and Have never been fitter in my life.


The service is totally different to anything out there to help people like me where fear takes over. I would recommend this to everyone but if you have issues around standard Gym's and how some trainers operate this will be totally for you, it has changed my life in ways I can't even begin to explain, it's even given me confidence, something I haven't had for a long time.

The team at Serene help you get what you want not what they think you need."


BESPOKE Workouts

Our workout plans are create to fit into your life and not force you to fit round them.

All of out workouts are designed to be completed in 30 mins or less!

Nutrition Advice

LIFE CHANGING nutrition advice,

bold claim we know but we try to educate you about nutrition in such away that when your done with use you can carry on living your life with all the tools we taught you

Digital Tools

Not online do we give you nutritional advice we will also provide you with our monthly recipe book full of easy to follow and family friendly recipes.. each recipes also has it's own calorie break down and nutrition tracker barcode!

24/7 Support

We are here to support you along the way.. this isn't a setup a see you programme, you will have access to our private facebook group as well as optional weekly check in calls. 


12 Week Programme


12 Week bespoke workout plan

Daily accountability

Life changing nutritional advice

No equipment needed

24/7 Support

Weekly optional check in calls

Monthly Recipe Books

Monthly restaurant Survival guides



 (17th-24th May)



*12 weeks to be paid in full at time of booking total cost is £297 with a total saving of £153

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