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Have you ever felt so lost when it comes to fitness that you gave up before you started?

How about being so swamped under with life and family, that trying to find healthy family friendly recipes online is the last thing you can face?

What about so overwhelmed by it all but have no one to reach out to for help ?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above then please read on as we have the solution for you?

In an age where social media and "influencers" rule our screens with over complicated methodology and where the fitness industry makes more profit from "gym bunnies" and "beef cake" we have lost touch with the real reason we try to live a health life with fitness and nutrition.


And that is to live longer and enjoy life without the restraints of stress and ill health.

At Serene Fitness we believe that everyone should have a chance to improve there quality of life and enjoy more time with loved ones and friends so we sat down and developed a program that tackles the biggest barrier to fitness in todays age..


Yep the gym... it's an intimidating place where if your not sure what to do you can be trapped in this vicious circle of doing works just for the sake of doing them and eating kale and broccoli salads because its "healthy", but really your miserable and your looking for the nearest exit and coffee shop!

So what we come up with was a complete system where you can train and eat healthy all from the comfort of your own home... yes you don't even have to leave the house!

Sounds great right!? but thats not it keep reading to find out how we are doing this!

I starting using Serene Fitness online after meeting one of the trainers, and I was scared to use a gym after a bad experience.


The online training has been amazing!

Having the support there along side being able to do the workouts in my own time and in my own space at home has been refreshing.

There was no pressure to be in a gym, no one shouting orders at me, doing it my style, my pace.

The results I have had have been out of this world.

I lost 7 1/2 stone and Have never been fitter in my life.


The service is totally different to anything out there to help people like me where fear takes over. I would recommend this to everyone but if you have issues around standard Gym's and how some trainers operate this will be totally for you, it has changed my life in ways I can't even begin to explain, it's even given me confidence, something I haven't had for a long time.

The team at Serene help you get what you want not what they think you need.



Louren, Mum of 2


Thanks for helping me stop and take time for me!...i managed to lose 2ilb and just under an inch off my waist [in her first week]

The Blakes, Parents of 2 

Mechanic / Nail technician 

What a week.. thanks for the opportunity it's what we both needed to kick us in the butt after the post wedding weight gains!


My god mate the first 7 days are awesome, it's so professionally done and in a very friendly way.. i love your words of encouragement as you understand my problems with food is a challenge 

Private group

Our Programme uses Facebook's very own social learning platform so we can build a community and ensure all our content is mobile friendly and easy to use.

Whats more is we are creating a stigma free safe environment for you to enjoy as part of your journey


Not sure what to do? we will provide monthly workout plans to follow as well as a huge library of pre-designed workouts for you to use at will all from the comfort of your own home with no need for equipment


Stuck on what to eat? need to feed the family too? We will provide you with a large ever growing list of healthy recipes using basic ingredients and are big enough for the whole family to enjoy


You will not only have the support and guidance of the community we are building inside our FIT@Home system, you will also have access to highly qualified trainers too ensuring that your on the right track to hit your fitness goals!