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Why Can I Help?

A little about me and my journey..

Hi I'm James and I'm the guy thats going to help you break down your barriers to fitness! Why because I do it for myself every day..

 As some one with social anxiety I know what it's like to miss out on family events or even social activity you actually wanted to be apart of! 

The passed 6 years I've had the privilege to work with a ton of my local residents that have needed that extra hand in getting back into fitness and reaching there goals so I thought it was time I shared the love a little.

Want to know more about me?

News Article About My Battles with Anxiety and Suicide: CLICK HERE

Want even more?... fair enough : CLICK HERE

Custom Workouts

Workouts created by me for you! perfectly crafted workouts to suit your needs and schedule to ensure you hit your goals with ease even when training at home, park or gym

Nutrition Advice

Easy to follow nutrition advice and guidance, meal plans and recipes to help achieve your goals.

I'll work with you to customise your eating habits to better suit your goals without the need to sacrifice the foods you love

Mobile App

Easy to use mobile app allows you to take your plan with you without the need of sheets of paper! with our easy to use app you will never have to second guess an exercise again as it's full of video tutorials and more..

24/7 Support

I'm here to help! connect with me via messenger, our app or even with other clients via my Facebook group.. Keeping each other on track and sharing stories makes this journey easy!